Weekly Recap Contributors

SCN Contributor 6: Houses of Worship

Protecting Our Houses of Worship: A Communal Affair

By: Paul Goldenberg

Unfortunately, the public has not always been viewed as the ultimate force multiplier.  The likelihood that members of the community will report suspicious behavior is directly predicated upon their motivation and…

SCN Contributor 5: Cyber Security

Time to get serious about cybersecurity

By: Paul Goldenberg

The growing risks posed by homegrown terrorism, the rise of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel boycotts, coupled with the likelihood that Mideast tensions will continue to intensify, has given rise to a distinct and unfamiliar thre…

SCN Contributor 4: Foreign Fighters

Foreign Fighters – The Challenge of Jihadists 3.0

By: Yehudit Barsky

Three recent European terror attacks signal an alarming shift in the methods of foreign fighter training and indoctrination.  They represent a third wave of terrorist preparation and call for new methods for how to…

SCN Contributor 3: Engage Your Community Members

Want Safer Organizations? Engage your community members.

By: The Community Security Service (CSS)

When considering security improvements many Jewish communities overlook one of their most critical (and easily available) resources—their own members. Too often the security checklist of…

SCN Contributor 2: Nonprofit Security Grant Program


In consideration of the Rise in Global Anti-Semitism, a Resurgence of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and the Emergence of ISIL as threats to the West, including the Jewish community.

By Robe…